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League is on this week!

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Lots of players who were late in getting their memberships in seem to be racing them in so much so that we are able to play League as planned this week with Div 1 & Div 3 at Bridgeport SC on Wednesday Oct 24th and Div 2 on Friday Oct 26th at VTTC.
Any players who have still not renewed will be able to on the first night of the season as a BCTTA or VADTTL representative will be there at both venues to help get their membership forms completed before they play.

Please be reminded though anyone playing without membership will of course not have their matches counted and the match result will be adjusted accordingly.

See you all this week.


Division 3 Schedule Revised

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

A new team has entered Division 3 late and we have been able to accommodate them. VTTC 6 are the 9th team in Division 3. This means that the Div 3 schedule is being completly revised. See below for download as soon as it becomes available. The league is now at full capacity.

The first Division 3 matches will still take place at Bridgeport this Wednesday 24th Oct 7:15pm.

See you all there.


2012/13 Winter League Schedule now out

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

The biggest entry ever into Winter League this year means we have full entry for all 3 divisions in the league.

Download your own divisional schedules here.
Div 1 Schedule-VADTTL Winter League 2012

Div 2 Schedule VADTTL Winter League 2012

Revised Div 3 Schedule VADTTL Winter League 2012

Due to the large entry Division 3 will be playing on the same night as Div 1 this year using 8 tables between them. Div 2 using 5 tables will be played on it’s own.

The website should be fully updated in the next few days.

Looking forward to seeing you all this winter for a great season.


Team name changes: a note

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Just to let you know that team name changes are allowed sometimes. If you change your name but the team has kept some players from the previous winter season team line-up then your place in the division is still secure.
For instance this year Bonsor 2 have changed their name to “Rocks” but still keep their place in Div 1 due to some players from the original team line-up still being present in this years line-up. Team BC have changed their name to “M&M” so still hold their Div 2 place.
VTTC 3 gained promotion last year to Div 1 and, assuming they enter, may change their name if they wish if some team members remain from the original line-up. A new team called VTTC 3 (or any other VTTC name) may be formed in Div 2 this winter as VTTC 2 went down as the team collapsed mid season and thus take the relegation place in Div 2.

If a team does not change it’s name at least one player from the previous years line-up must be present otherwise the team will be considered new and the place in the division may not be secure.

All decisions on these matters will be taken by the league committee only.


2012/13 Winter league deadline fast approaching

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

The winter league begins next week. The deadline for entry is this Saturday (Oct 21st).
Many teams from last year have still not entered so get those entry forms in as soon as possible. See below for entry forms on this page.
Remember if you do not make the deadline then your position from last year’s winter league will not be secure and will be offered to a team already entered.

Also a reminder to all league players to get their BCTTA membership up to date. Players will not be allowed to play without this, (unless a member of another recognized association of course).

Looking forward to seeing you all this winter.