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RTTL-Summer League Registration Form out

Friday, April 15th, 2016

The RTTL Summer League 2016 Registration Form and Rules are downloadable here:
Richmond Table Tennis Summer League 2016 Registration and Rules
Please make sure you read all the rules as there are some minor changes again.

All teams bare in mind we are really pushing to stick to the 8 team per Division rule this summer due to desired scheduling so some teams may expect to change divisions possibly due to availability of space.
Any newly formed teams will be placed into the best available Divisional space at the committee’s discretion. We will keep all teams advised on this as the final Divisional line-ups are completed.

Victoria Day:
We will be starting Division 2 and 4 a bit earlier this year avoiding the holiday Monday. May 16th will be the first match night for these Divisions but there will be no matches on the following holiday Monday (May 23rd). Matches will continue normally after that. Divisions 1 & 3 matches will start Weds May 25th and continue on from there. The only other interruption to the schedule will be the week of the National Championships in early July. See schedule for details when it comes out.

Look forward to seeing you all again this Summer.