RTTL Summer league 2019 registration available now

All winners from last winters Division 4

All registrations will be online this summer and for all future RTTL leagues.
Register for the RTTL Summer league 2019 here:

See above post for new player registration details now.

The prospectus/rules and regs can also be downloaded from here:
Richmond Table Tennis Winter League 2019 Prospectus/Rules

You will notice on the registration form the divisional line ups are based on last Summer leagues’ placements and also on expected entries to this point (and including some extra promotions). These divisional line-ups are not yet set in stone and are subject to change based on final entries which will include any new teams also trying to register this summer. So these line ups may change a little.

You will also notice that Division 4 so far has only 4 teams. This is because several teams have been temporarily promoted throughout all divisions based on expected entries. We already know of at least two new teams that will enter Division 4 summer league this year so of course this division line up will be expected to change as the final entries come in.
This leads to… any brand new teams not affiliated to previous teams from last summers league can contact the league venue or officials to enquire about taking any possible available slots.

Last thing that is a little different this year. At looking at the registration form you will notice options on who is paying. The captain will be expected to pay the team fee. There is a tick box for this.

All other players in all teams must also register online and pay for their $5 rating fee online via the available options, only then will they be added to the team roster.

Also any players not with BCTTA membership will have to state this online and update membership accordingly. All these options will help the volutery staff at RTTL with any confusions there have been occasionally in the past.

Looking forward to seeing you all this summer.