Winter League 2012/13 entry forms now out. Divisional line-ups close to being set.

Hi all
The Winter league entry forms are now available through download here.
Entry forms will also be made available through the host venues or can also be obtained by email via the contact us page on this site.
League starts Weds Oct 24th and Fri Oct 26th.
Deadline for entry is October 21st.

The maximum 9 team line-up for Division 1 is already set based on last years Winter League standings of course.

The teams will be (assuming they enter)

Division 1
Bonsor 1
Ocean Blue
Vancouver Avengers
AL Team
Bonsor 2
Chocolate Covered Erasers
VTTC 3 (promoted from Div 2 last year, name change a possibility of course)

Div 2 and 3 already have many teams from last Winter looking like they will enter as always but some new teams are being formed it seems.

Remember, no new team may enter Division 1 without promotion from Div 2 in normal circumstances. We will be doing this in all future leagues (winter and summer where possible) in keeping with the promotion relegation rule where ever possible.

Division 2 and 3 are less settled at the moment so new teams are encourage to enter both these divisions and see where they are placed. The league committee alone will decide which division you will be put.
2011/12 Winter Division 3 Winners Bonsor 4 will be placed in Division 2 assuming they enter.

Division 2 & 3 (and any further divisions) will still have a maximum number of teams allowed though.

Looking forward to seeing you all this Winter League.