RTTL Div 1 title decided-Vancouver Avengers take 1st place

The winner of the final match of the season between Vancouver Avengers and CITTI 1 would determine the title winners. After a closely fought battle Avengers came out on top 5:4. Although Andre Ho did not play for his Dad’s Simpson Ho’s CITTI 1 team on the night they still came very close to winning the match with Michael Luo, Natasha Carr Harris and Norman Jang fighting hard for the win. Nevertheless Avengers regulars Dave Gatiss, Peter Yau and Dipak Topiwala did just enough to win and were over the moon to win the championship and take the 1st place prize money.

Vancouver Avengers-RTTL Summer League Champions

RTTL Summer League 2013 Runners-Up-CITTI

Captain Jane Yan’s Pumpkin Pie took the 3rd place slot with a good team performance throughout the season.