RTTL Summer League- Divisional formats

This year in the RTTL summer league we are getting closer to the aim of getting all divisions towards 8 teams maximum. The reason for this aim is threefold.
Firstly we have had lots of requests for 2 rounds especially from Division 2 teams. We have allowed 12 teams in the Summer and Winter leagues purely to get things started in the RTTL but in summer league this means only one round is possible in the time allotted and it the winter it means the Division 2 ran much longer than desired as far as scheduling is concerned. 2 rounds in the summer league also equate to a little better value for money (14 weeks of play as oppose to 11).
Secondly we have a limit of 8 tables per league night and with the probable inclusion of a division 4 this summer we have to think about changing the size of the divisions purely to get the logistics of available table space covered.
And Thirdly we are always looking to strengthen all divisions. By making the divisions a little smaller the level of play from top to bottom becomes closer and generally stronger.

Having said all this, this will take another year or so to complete and as division 4 looks to be a little smaller a little extra table room for Division 2 is available and it looks like this summer Div 2 will have 9 or 10 teams (all these places are already taken based on last years Summer League results). This Summer two teams will most probably be relegated into what is already a much stronger Division 3. One Division 3 team only will still be promoted as usual.
2 rounds will be played making the summer season longer than we had hoped this year (18 weeks not normal 14 max) but in the name of transition we are working round this a bit with the schedule available to us, thus it looks like Div 2 will start on May 19th.

Division 3 may also be as many as 9 teams so the same would apply if this was the case.
It looks like Division 4 will be 5 or 6 teams with a maximum of 7 due to table availability.
Division 1 looks to have already achieved the 8 team format.

We hope everybody understands the reasoning behind this and enjoys what will be the biggest and strongest Summer league we have had to date it looks very much like.
Thanks to you all as always for your participation and continuing support.
See you all for a great Summer of Table Tennis.