New RTTL Winter League season approaches

Here is the downloadable entry form and rules and regulations for the forthcoming winter league.
Please take time to read through all the rules and regs and the accompanying notes below on this page.

Richmond Table Tennis Winter League 2014 Form and Rules

Notes to read about this years forthcoming Winter RTTL season.

1. New Ball.
Yes we will be using the new ball this winter. It is noticeably slower and less spinny so start getting those practices in with it 🙂

2. Match start times 7pm.
We will be calling people to tables at 7pm this year (not 7:15pm). This is in the name of trying to get the matches to finish as early as possible. This is also designed to help the venue shut a little earlier as some matches do run quite late.

The Venue has also asked that if yours is one of the later matches finishing in the evening to please use two tables for your match asap as tables become available from earlier finishing matches. Again this is in the name of finishing the night a little earlier.

3. Scoresheets Filling in.

This is most important.
Several errors in the TTC rankings to do with peoples names are nearly always to do with bad scoresheet filling. Some people end up with multiple rankings because of this.
Like any ranking tournament, you must put your Full Name as it appears in the TTC ranking list in the top ABC & XYZ boxes.
If you are a new player to ranking tournaments, you must put your name in the box as you wrote on your BCTTA membership form.

Do not just put first names, or just last names, or alternative names you may have. This has been the source of much confusion in recent years.
Penalties may occur if this were to continue to happen.

Also….all Scoresheet item boxes must be filled correctly. The two captains must only sign the sheet at the end of the night when they have checked over the scoresheet to make sure it has been filled out entirely and correctly.

Service rules
There are still several players in all divisions who do not always meet the required level of ITTF legal service rules. The RTTL is a 2* Table Tennis Canada ranking points league and RTTL officials have a duty to always try to enforce legal technique to the best of their ability.

While we try to be a little tolerant, especially to new players while they are learning the techniques, players must not become offended when their service is called foul due to an obvious infraction of the ITTF rules on service. It is obviously quite easy to often gain an advantage with an illegal service technique and thus unfair for this to continue for your opponent.
When being told about this it is simply a matter of rules and of course nothing personal. All players must adjust as soon as possible.
A list of supervisors are in the rules and regs above and at least one of them will be at the venue to ask for any clarification needed throughout the evening.

4th doubles player.
There will be no 4th doubles player rule this winter league.
Doubles teams will be chosen from the regular 3 singles players listed to play on the night.

Sufficient team squad members.

In the previous summer season, several teams throughout the league struggled towards the end of the season getting a team out. We showed more leniency than normal with some of these teams due to extreme circumstances, but this will only be a one time thing as the following points will help to make sure this won’t happen again.

Firstly a reminder of the rule “If you can get at least two players to the match, the match must be played”.

Secondly, the best way to avoid squad problems is to go through the schedule at the start of the season and then to sign up as many players as you think you may need. You must then sign these players before the halfway point of the season and hopefully you should be good to go till the end of the season.

If an occasional postponement due to injury or bad weather becomes unavoidable then a re arrangement must be set up by the postponing team asap and the re arranged match must be played before the end of the season. If not then a default will be awarded to the non-offending team. Matches will no longer be allowed to be played after the last match night of the season.

Looks like 4 divisions this year as well.
Mondays will be Div 2 & 4
Wednesdays will be Div 1 & 3

See you this Winter for a great season of Table Tennis.